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Berne are London-based duo merging the ethereal vocals of Deborah Borg Brincat and the dreamy soundscapes of Gianluca Pulvirenti into emotive reverb-laden alt-pop songs.


Combining wistful lyrics concerning inconsistencies in society and the environment with dark melodies and haunting sound layers, Berne create intriguing sonic atmospheres.

Berne released their first single 'Oceans' in September 2019.

The music video features British Sign Language Performer Tyron Woolfe. Berne are supporting HelpRefugeesUK via their Banders campaign. 'Oceans' and its remix by Swedish DJ Joanna Åström, have been playlisted on radio stations in Malta.


Berne's next release will be in early 2020.


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Oceans expresses the struggle to understand why people are threatened by diversity.

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